Raw Mountains

Among travel destinations, mountains play a special role nowadays. We see them advertised everywhere as our last opportunity for adventure, as our last escape to freedom. We're encouraged to put them on bucket lists, to hike popular trails, to set life goals of climbing iconic peaks. We are bombarded with images of colourful sunrises and sunsets, as if those are the only moments that matter when we explore the alpine landscape. Yet personal goals and colours can make us blind to a lot of quiet beauty.

Mountains often speak in much subtler ways. They are a pure force and they rarely need colour to impress. With shape, texture, scale, light or flow, a landscape can tell extremely rich stories. Through resilient plants and animals, Mother Nature can reveal the remarkable adaptations life is capable of. In poor weather, a familiar trail can feel new and refreshing. Such quiet stories are happening in front of us all the time. Let's be patient and pay a little more attention next time.