In Iceland if you want to understand the land and the people all together, you need to take a close look at the horses. You will learn about vigorousness and gentleness, freedom and obedience, independence and companionship, adaptability and resistance. Nowhere did I find such resemblance of an animal with its surroundings.

Gentle #1

Gentle #2

Gentle #3

Gentle #4

Gentle #5

Urban Light

Whenever I can’t find time to explore the nature, I’m trying to convince myself to observe the city life. The good news is that I happen to travel to many diverse cities throughout the year. The bad news is that I lose interest extremely fast in photographing urban scenes. I’ve put together a small series called “Urban Light”, which I might continue some day. See more images under the portfolio section of the website.

Makeup Time, New York, 2013